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Meeting Minutes – March 1

Longhouse OER Project – Meeting Minutes

When: 2:30-4:30 p.m. 

Objective: Post reading check in, next steps, further planning


Tanya Pobuda <>

Ewan Cassidy <>


We have completed the beginnings of an annotated bibliography and recognize that we need to go further. We are feeling our way in this project and it is time to open up the dialogue.

First, because we will be creating a Pressbook resource, Tanya and Ewan will take the action of reviewing this guide which is a good, salient Pressbook example with information we need 

It was agreed that we shouldn’t at this stage try to go too far down the road with an approach. Instead we should pose to the community the questions that we are grappling with, rather than presenting anything.

This should be a dialogue.

We should create a communications plan to assist with the rollout. All attendees of the meeting should be considered co-authors in the project and thanked in all materials. 

Ewan noted that in addition to the project site we might consider creating a Twitter profile for the project to wider our call for community feedback and access. 

The format of the first meeting should be 1.5-2 hours long with lots of time for feedback and discussion. 

There should be 15-20 minutes of presentation with an icebreaker. 

Then there should be a sharing circle of discussion about the project with a shorter wider team discussion.

There should then be breakout, small group discussions where Michael and Ewan will  help facilitate. We will craft some proposals for the form and timing this might take. 

Some of this is informed by some consultation principles: 

  • There should be mutual benefit. We must offer co-authorship. 
  • It must be informed and driven by Indigenous researchers. 
  • Engagement must be done early. 
  • Engagement should not be outcome-based.